A downloadable experience for Windows

In this free demo, you can test VR Magic Gestures AI, which is a Unity package for detecting and recognising 3D gestures. The demo requires HTC Vive or a compatible equipment. In the demo, you can:

  • draw shapes with a wand to cast spells,
  • summon magic balloons from the void,
  • create your own spells!

The package includes:

  1. A neural network (MLP) trained using a backpropagation method,
  2. Physics-based spell examples,
  3. An animated UI system designed for an immersive experience.

Download source code

Known issues:

  • if you define the same shape for two different spells, the neural network won't be able to learn the difference,
  • in the demo, the gesture learner is configured for a small training set, which makes training and testing quick, but this setup is inadequate for 100% accuracy,
  • if you experience troubles trying to mimic a predefined spell, then click on its bubble and redefine the gesture to match your profile,
  • a trail in a bubble is just an approximate preview of a gesture based on a number of repeats – it doesn't represent the exact shape that you must mimic :)


VR Magic Gestures AI Demo 1.01 (64-bit, Windows 7 or newer) 26 MB

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